Helena – A Northern Californian native with a penchant for the outdoors.

This site is used to chronicle my amateur shenanigans outside. The good, the bad, the wrong, and ~sometimes~ the right.

I went to college at Cal Poly, located in a town in Central California with unbelievable access to a variety of outdoor activities. Naturally it wasn’t hard to meet some great friends who taught me a thing or two about outdoor merriment. We road tripped and car camped to keep expenses low. Although it often wasn’t glamours and led to dicey experiences, like sleeping on a tarp, in cheap sleeping bags, in 19°F temperatures, at the Grand Canyon – I was hooked.

During my grad school days in Boston, I would daydream and plan adventures back home in California with my friends. The Whites in New Hampshire are neat, but they weren’t awe inspiring like the Sierras.

“You don’t know what you had, until you don’t.” So true.

Luckily, I’ve returned to the SF Bay Area and sticking around until the spring 2017. By then I think the itch to see another part of the country will be in full effect.


Goals for 2016Thru hike. Rock climb and boulder outside. Lead climb inside.



Go Wryno. Smash it.



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